November 2020 Our tutorial paper on multi-agent trajectory forecasting methods has been accepted to the RA-L Special Issue on Long-Term Human Motion Prediction!
October 2020 Our paper on a novel multi-agent trajectory forecasting output representation that is much more amenable to downstream planning and control algorithms has been accepted to CoRL 2020! See you in November!

About Me

I am an electrical and computer engineer turned computer scientist turned roboticist pursuing a PhD in aeronautics and astronautics under the supervision of Professor Marco Pavone in the Autonomous Systems Lab.

I obtained a Master's in Computer Science from Stanford University in 2018, specializing in Artificial Intelligence (AI). Prior to that, I obtained a Bachelor of Applied Science with High Honours in 2016 from the University of Toronto's rigorous Engineering Science program, majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering with a Robotics/Mechatronics minor.

Resume/CV (updated January 18, 2021)